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Redemption & Reconciliation In The Time of Hip-Hop Beefs

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"Accountability" is the word of 2018.

This year has had no shortage of conversations about holding people, particularly celebrities and other powerful, influential people, accountable for their harmful or, at the very least questionable, behaviors, past and present. In recent years, we've seen how creating public space for candid discussions about artists' work and their personal lives can be fruitful, empowering, and, in many ways, provocative. It's definitely important, and I'm happy to see people at least trying to make sense of their own views, even if they are seemingly hypocritical.

When the topic is "art vs. artist", these debates can get rather intense, as there are those who believe they can successfully separate an artist's creative works from an artist's personal life and those who believe it is impossible because artists' works are informed by their paradigms and experiences. And when you factor in race, gender, class, and all of the other identity-related framing, you can end up with complex discussions that can change how you think or affirm your convictions.

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