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On America's Lust for Black Dick

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White men's fixation on the threat of Black dick manifests in dehumanization of Black men in so many ways. If a BM's dick is the one thing he has that is "better" than a WM, and WM have been incredible at stripping BM of all of the other markers of "manhood", then the Black dick becomes the final frontier of control. Just as WW lose it when non-White women are spoken of as standards of beauty or centered as being what "beauty" is, WM also lose it when BM have anything "over" them...and it's usually dick. So they fetishize them. Sexually harass them. Go out of their ways to try and portray BM as less threatening or even effeminate*. I remember writing this award-winning piece for EBONY.com and finding interviews with BM porn stars who know they've been exploited for profit; they're paid way less than their White counterparts and they're often used to film scenes that fulfill the "Mandingo" fantasy, while the WM producers make all the real cash.

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