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Posted by Feminista Jones on November 20, 2017 . 0 Comments

I love making people think.

Since I was 6, I wanted to be a writer. Since I was 6, I wanted to help people. I've spent most of my adult life doing both of these things and I'm grateful for all of the experiences. Now, as I embark on the next phase of my life, I want to continue to do the work of creating educational, inspirational, and motivational content that teaches, stimulates, and makes the world a better place.

Here's where you come in.

You can support my work in various ways. A little goes a long way. The more you give, the more you get, and I'm committed to holding up my end of the bargain. If I find, at any point, that I'm unable to fulfill my obligations, I will close this patreon down and keep it pushing.

Thank you SO much for supporting me over the years and for continuing to support my dreams!

Content I will be producing:

Webinars-- I have been developing series of webinars covering topics such as Feminism, Hip-Hop Culture, Branding, Self-Publishing, Writing, and Community Organizing. Patreon supporters will have discounted access to register for those webinars, with some getting all-access included with their monthly support.

Articles-- Many of you love my Twitter threads and use them in various ways, from educating friends and families to educating students. You also love my Medium and personal blog posts. You'll be able to access some of that content exclusively here from now on.

Videos-- Some of my Periscope and YouTube videos have had tens of thousands of views. This content will now be exclusive to my Patreon supporters. 

Exclusive and Early Access-- Want to get first dibs on my work? Samples from forthcoming books? Special discount codes? All patrons will get special access to paid content, events, etc. before it hits the general public.

Every level of support will have access to some element of my work, as all support is valuable.

Want to take this ride with me? Let's go!!



Feminista Jones is a social worker, in-demand feminist writer, public speaker, and community activist currently residing in Philadelphia. She is an award-winning blogger and author of the popular novel, Push The Button. Her work centers Black American culture, critical race theory, intersectionality, women’s health and well-being (specifically in areas of mental and sexual health). Feminista’s writing has been featured in several publications, notably as a contributor and to the New York Times, The Washington Post, TIME, XO Jane, Salon, a columnist for EBONY, and a regular contributor to Essence and SheKnows.

Named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Philadelphia in 2017, Feminista is a highly sought-after speaker, organizer, lecturer, and consultant. She has been regularly featured on HuffPost Live,C-SPAN, and MSNBC. In 2013, Feminista was selected as a United Nations Foundation Fellow for her dynamic social media influence. In 2014, she launched a global anti-street harassment campaign (#YouOKSis) and a National Moment of Silence protesting police brutality (#NMOS14), both of which received international media attention. For this work, she was awarded the 2014 Black Weblog Award for Outstanding Online Activism and she was honored as one of the Top 100 Black Social Influencers by The Root.

Photo: Colin Menton
Feminista has presented and lectured at various conferences and universities including Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, UC Berkeley, and The University of Pennsylvania. In 2015, she co-founded and served as General Director of the Women’s Freedom Conference, the first all-digital conference completely organized by and featuring only Women of Color. For her work, she was named one of SheKnows/BlogHer’s 2015 “Voices of the Year”.

Feminista covers film and music centering Black artists for Essence.com and contributes her knowledge and expertise to various outlets via SheShource, a platform amplifying women’s voices. Feminista is currently working on her first non-fiction book and continues to share her short stories and essays.

Feminista is also a mom, a mentor to young girls and women, and an outspoken advocate for the homeless, people living in poverty, and those living with psychiatric disabilities.

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