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Posted by Feminista Jones on December 17, 2014 . 0 Comments

So far, sales of PTB have been geat! I had no expectations and no idea that it would become so popular. Word-of-mouth is really great, huh? 

I'm excited to give you another review from Rickert & Beagle Books, an indy bookstore that was the first to put my book on their shelves!! 


Continue to order directly from me if you want personalized and signed copies of the book. If you don't need your book signed, and want it quicker, feel free to order directly from the printer. Right now, It's taking about 2 weeks to process the orders because of the backlog of orders and, well, I'm signing them all :)


I really appreciate it the support, y'all.


It means the world to me. Keep spreading the word. If you want to write a review for your blog, please contact me directly. 


Be sure to check THIS blog for discount codes for bulk orders and specials for book clubs!




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